The Iron Children
forthcoming from Solaris, April 2023

Asher has spent her adolescence preparing to become a Dedicate, one of the telepathically controlled, iron-carapaced soldiers who have kept the Levastani army at bay for decades. When Asher and her party are attacked on a training journey, it’s up to her to lead the unit across a bitterly cold, unstable mountain and discover which of the Dedicates is a traitor.

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Praise for The Iron Children:

“Told with tenderness, moral insight and humour, THE IRON CHILDREN is a brilliant science fantasy adventure” – Zen Cho, winner of the Hugo, Crawford, and British Fantasy Awards

“I would follow Asher into any battle, no matter how uncomfortable she would personally feel about that fact” – Freya Marske, bestselling author of the Last Binding series

“Come for the clockwork battle nuns and fascinating worldbuilding, stay for a profound, moving conclusion that goes straight for the soul” – Ren Hutchings, author of Under Fortunate Stars

“Deeply lovely SF about religion, war and robots, treating each with equal intelligence and compassion” – Iona Datt Sharma, author of Not For Use In Navigation

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